Run Talk Run has been providing a safe and non-intimidating space to seek mental health support
since October 2017.

We are now a global community, with 44 runs in locations worldwide. Every run is hosted weekly to provide consistent peer support for those who seek it.

Our runs are supporting

  • People experiencing mental ill-health, particularly people waiting for or not engaged with treatment

  • Inactive people, or those who find it hard to ‘commit’ to regular exercise

  • People experiencing loneliness or at risk of experiencing loneliness

London in particular has been ranked as the ‘loneliest’ city in the UK with only 7% of Londoners thinking the city is a good place to make new friends. (Source: Time Out Index Survey 2016.) Loneliness can contribute to or exacerbate mental health difficulties with 4 in 10 people having felt depressed because they were alone.

In a survey conducted in June 2019, 73.3% of runners stated that Run Talk Run had improved their mental health.


“I found myself opening up in a way I had never experienced before in a non medical setting. I met others who were kind enough to share their stories with me, whether it was their ongoing battle with mental illness, or simply what they were going to cook for dinner. I was overwhelmed with how open everyone was & how comforted I felt by having a safe space to talk & listen without judgement. Something that amazed me was that these runners truly didn't care about pace- they weren't running as punishment, or because they HAD to get a PB or up their step count- they were running because it helps them, and is a temporary escape from the chaos of everyday life.”

Katie MacDonald


"I wasn't even sure I could run 5k and would never have joined a running club but if I am having a bad mental health day, it is just about having that conversation. It gives you belief in other areas of your life. I think if I can do a 10k, can I also do this in my life. It is more beneficial than so many of the mental health things the NHS could offer." - Lisa Riley


“RTR leader Jessica Robson is the most welcoming face and even offered to meet for a coffee and walk before I came down, just to ensure I was comfortable. I took the plunge and just went down when the time was right and was blown away by the friendliness of everyone there. RTR is now a vital part of my week which allows me to not only run, but talk with some amazing individuals who all have their own stories and journeys.” - Adam Watts


“The community of like minded souls Jess has established with RTR is incredible and so welcoming. I have other structured runs as part of my week but RTR has a much needed very different focus that often makes it the run I most look forward to.”

Will Matthews


“I had the fear that I would be too slow or too much of a hindrance, or it will be too awkward. I'm glad I was disproven on all accounts, the group is fabulous, everyone is extremely friendly. There is no competitiveness, but rather a spirit of collaboration and achieving a goal together. It's heart warming really, to meet people and socialise and be at the same time super comfortable and enjoying one's time.” - Sumaya Hassan


"Six months ago I split up with my girlfriend, it was not great and led to isolation and loneliness. We lived in a flat together, which I was left with, facing financial issues having being made redundant. The group gave me all of those things, it got me back to running and exercise, which I was familiar and comfortable with. I was with like-minded people who focus on how exercise can benefit mental health. The group does not pretend to be doctors, it is a support network to keep me going and I can't thank them enough.” - Tom Gatehouse